The Management Meeting

One issue commonly experienced across many companies is monthly management meetings dragging on for far longer than necessary. This is normally driven by people bringing their ‘problems’ to the meeting and using the environment as a ‘problem solving playground’.

Some research shows that the common saying – ‘Bring Me Solutions, Not Problems’ is the wrong message as it can cause employees to shut down and refrain from bringing issues to attention.

We agree (partially), and we’ve formulated a better leadership approach…

1) Encourage your team to use a red flag system and highlight projects that require input from the management team to get them back on track.
2) Once highlighted, each manager should formulate the possible corrective action with 1, 2 or 3 solutions that the management team can discuss. This will keep the meeting on track and avoid the actual problem solving being done at the meeting. Having planned corrective actions, the management team can efficiently decide on the best route for getting the project back on track.

To lighten the mood, here’s a Dilbert comic strip we feel quite fitting…

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