Black Friday Stats 2019

So Black Friday has come and gone, the busiest shopping day of the year!

We wanted to share a statistical round up of this year’s Black Friday to all our readers…

  • Sales in 2019 soared 16.5% compared to 2018.
  • Transactions were up 7.2% year on year.
  • Black Friday promotions were at an all time high (6% greater than in 2018) and ran for much longer than previous years.
  • The average discount on a Black Friday deal was 32% off.
  • Online sales traffic was split 58% smartphone, 37% desktop and 5% tablet.
  • 36% of smartphone sales were actually completed, whereas desktop sales completed sat at 59%.
  • High street shop visits were up 3.3%.

This year’s Black Friday was the biggest yet and it may have something to do with it falling on the 29th, just after payday for millions!

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