COVID-19 & working from home.

Times are tough and now it’s all starting to feel ‘real’. The UK government have put us into ‘lockdown’ and quite rightly too – I’m not sure people understand the severity of the situation. The new guidelines state for businesses to allow their employees to work from home if they can. The majority of people here at Panda Creative are from a ‘self-employed’ background, so working from home is second nature to them – that’s why we’ve drafted together this helpful guide to ‘working from home‘ and how to cope.

  • Find yourself a quiet corner where you can set up a temporary office/desk space to allow you to work in a similar environment to the office. It’s always better to be near a window for some much needed natural light and vitamin D! Also, make sure you have a well supported comfy chair.
  • Get up and get ready for work at your usual time, try to keep consistency in your working day. Make sure always to eat a healthy breakfast and have a morning coffee.
  • Keep distractions at bay (like the TV), put on the radio or a Spotify playlist quietly in the background. If the kids are at home too, try to distract them with some ‘homeschooling’ work, or perhaps your partner can take it in turns to work/support.
  • Make sure to take enough screen time breaks throughout the day to ensure you stay fresh and keep hydrated with plenty of H2O.
  • If you can, be flexible with your time – you may find yourself having to work a certain amount of hours, but you can spread it over the course of the day and/or evening.
  • Make sure you stay structured, set goals and make a plan for the next day before you finish the current day. Keep a clean working environment.
  • Keep in touch with your colleagues when you can via Zoom or another virtual meeting app.
  • Stay healthy, exercise once during the day (Government guidelines) – why not take a lunch in the garden (if it’s sunny)?

Stay safe, Aaron – Creative Director

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