Black Friday Stats 2019

So Black Friday has come and gone, the busiest shopping day of the year!

We wanted to share a statistical round up of this year’s Black Friday to all our readers…

  • Sales in 2019 soared 16.5% compared to 2018.
  • Transactions were up 7.2% year on year.
  • Black Friday promotions were at an all time high (6% greater than in 2018) and ran for much longer than previous years.
  • The average discount on a Black Friday deal was 32% off.
  • Online sales traffic was split 58% smartphone, 37% desktop and 5% tablet.
  • 36% of smartphone sales were actually completed, whereas desktop sales completed sat at 59%.
  • High street shop visits were up 3.3%.

This year’s Black Friday was the biggest yet and it may have something to do with it falling on the 29th, just after payday for millions!

World Brand Design Awards

Panda Creative is ecstatic to announce we’re in the running for the ‘World Brand Design Awards‘ 2019 in the ‘Service Brand Design’ category for our brand identity creation for Pestell & Co. These prestigious awards are an annual showcase of excellence in the areas of professional consumer and corporate brand design.

As well as being entered into these distinguished awards, we have been featured on their website showcase. We would really appreciate your support and vote here.

The Management Meeting

One issue commonly experienced across many companies is monthly management meetings dragging on for far longer than necessary. This is normally driven by people bringing their ‘problems’ to the meeting and using the environment as a ‘problem solving playground’.

Some research shows that the common saying – ‘Bring Me Solutions, Not Problems’ is the wrong message as it can cause employees to shut down and refrain from bringing issues to attention.

We agree (partially), and we’ve formulated a better leadership approach…

1) Encourage your team to use a red flag system and highlight projects that require input from the management team to get them back on track.
2) Once highlighted, each manager should formulate the possible corrective action with 1, 2 or 3 solutions that the management team can discuss. This will keep the meeting on track and avoid the actual problem solving being done at the meeting. Having planned corrective actions, the management team can efficiently decide on the best route for getting the project back on track.

To lighten the mood, here’s a Dilbert comic strip we feel quite fitting…

Mastering Deep Work

Have you ever heard of the saying “girls are better at multitasking than boys”? Well, studies show that multitasking isn’t the best for productivity. Multitasking leads to a 40% drop in productivity, increased stress and a 10% drop in IQ!

Does anyone ever settle down to get a task done and a co-worker drops by for a ‘quick chat’? Every time you’re interrupted, it takes 15 minutes to get re-focused and your head back in the game. On average we’re distracted once every 11 minutes throughout a working day.

So, we’ve established multitasking isn’t good for us. What can I do about it I hear you ask?

One way to cut through the distractions is to master a practice called ‘Deep Work’.

There are 3 methods of Deep Work…

Monastic – this practice of Deep Work involves you taking yourself away from the world completely and focus solely on the task at hand. Find a quiet place and stay there.

Bi-modal – for this way of Deep Work you need to split your day into two halves. Spend half the day battling emails, social media, and all that other annoying stuff and spend the other half with no distractions at all.

Rhythmic – this practice is best for those of us who struggle to spend large amounts of our time away from our desks. Block out 90-minute chunks throughout the week for focused Deep Work sessions.

So settle down, get focused and take some time to create something spectacular.

Boosting Creativity

Sometime’s it’s hard to get those creative juices flowing. We thought we’d share a few of our creative crews thoughts on boosting creativity. Enjoy!

  1. Move every day. Exercise. Stand don’t sit whenever possible.
  2. Get your beauty sleep. 8 hours solid in a dark, cool room.
  3. Don’t use your iPhone before bed – we’re all culprits of this!
  4. Reduce your coffee intake after noon.
  5. Wake up with a pint of water – it kicks starts your body for the day ahead!
  6. Do something instead of nothing. Don’t just ponder on ideas.
  7. Don’t be heroic, be consistent in what you do.
  8. Get feedback from people and learn to take it.
  9. Get out at lunch! Take a walk, try meditation or read a book.
  10. Block out your time. If it’s not in your calendar it doesn’t exist.

Google Analytics Rules of Good Data

Google Analytics Good Data

Last week we had the pleasure of attending one of CIM’s digital marketing courses and came away with a wealth of new knowledge. Like they say, never stop learning!

At Panda Creative we like to give good advice, so here’s a little something we bought away with us…

The 4 Rules of Good Data

  1. Be Sure – don’t assume data is correlated. Sense check it and use your brain.
  2. Be Specific – the more specific the better. Always start with a question.
  3. Add Context – use annotations to keep track on what you’ve done.
  4. Be efficient – get Google to do your reports for you with Google Data Studio.