What’s the difference between digital and litho printing…

It’s a question we always get asked, so we thought we’d answer it here for all to see!

Digital printing is perfect for shorter-run print jobs. It allows for on-demand printing and fast turnaround times!

Litho printing offers stunning, super high-quality print that allows for precise colour matching and special inks to be used. The CPC (cost per copy) price over a large print run is typically cheaper than digital and the more you print the cheaper the job becomes!

The downside to digital over litho is the ability to achieve very rich/bright colours (think orange and greens) that would normally ‘pop’ when printed litho due to the solid Pantone inks used – see the example below.

Litho (left) – Digital (right)

The downside to litho over digital is the slower turnaround time (print speed and drying time) and the cost involved in setting up the screens. Digital print also offers far more flexibility than litho, allowing for on-demand printing and adaptable personalisation.

So hopefully that’s answered your questions…? Remember, our Creative Crew are always on hand to ensure we chose the correct method for your requirements.


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“Image is the key to success”

Here at Panda, we’re a firm believer in image being the key to success.

We love design and we have a cracking team of creative individuals working together to create some awesome pieces of work.

We’re a one stop shop, so we handle the complete creative process. We take your ideas from concept to completion. From graphic design through to print, marketing, website development and studio photography… we offer it all.

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Image is the key to success with Panda Creative Group Ltd.


Hot off the press…

‘That vintage vibe’

What looks and feels better than 100% recycled kraft business cards…? These have gone down an absolute storm with our clients and if you’re looking to make a statement, look no further!

Have a vintage store on Brick Lane, a barbershop in Shoreditch or a florist in Chelsea – these eco-friendly & vintage vibe business cards might just be for you.

We offer really great prices on business card printing and loads more. Drop us an email for more information or to discuss your specific requirements – hello@pandacreative.biz 

Panda Creative Kraft Business Card